Ongoing Studies

Most kidney stone treatment focuses on patients who have a kidney stone and are having excruciating pain. There has been little research into finding out how to prevent kidney stones. PUSH hopes to identify ways to change behavior so a patient is less likely to have another kidney stone, and help determine if drinking more water can really help prevent having another kidney stone.

Enrollment began in October 2017. For more information, contact one of our participating sites or check out the PUSH study listing on

USDRN Participating Sites

Mayo Clinic   Contact: Angela Waits   507-538-2902


Washington University in St. Louis   Contact:  Juanita Taylor    314-454-7047

Cleveland Clinic   Contact: Paige Gotwald     216-444-0124

Cleveland Clinic   Contact: Marina Markovic   216-444-1152


University of Pennsylvania   Contact:  Neda Khan    215-746-4177

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia    Contact: Brittney Henderson    267-426-1337


University of Texas Southwestern   Contact:  Cynthia Rangel    214-645-8787

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas    Contact: Martinez Hill    214-456-0279


University of Washington   Contact: Holly Covert    206-616-5170



Scientific Data Research Center 
Duke Clinical Research Institute    Contact: